about me

Pascal Fouquet, 1981, Bern

Always looking for an adventure, always looking for the next shot, always looking for the detail that matters. From the windswept summits of Patagonia, the burning desert of Namibia or on the political parquet of the European Parliament, I enjoy working in every surrounding. If you like my work do not hesitate to contact me and we can develop your project together.

My work has been published in major newspapers and magazines, used by companies or bands for marketing or NGOs for campagning.

companies: Petzl, Camp, Summit Travel etc.

media: Schweizer Fernsehen, Tagesanzeiger, Blick, CH Media, 20 Minuten, Watson, Kirchenbote, Montagne, netzpolitik.org, planetmountain.com, up-climbing.com, climbing.de, boodergie etc.

NGOs: savetheinternet.info, Piratenpartei, FreeAssange Network, CoronaMahnwache, Club Alpino Italiano etc.


enjoying working